Old School is New School by Nate Paul

November 30, 2016

Excerpt from Old School is New School:

This old school approach doesn’t just apply to investing, it applies to almost every aspect of building and running a company. In business and investing, cautionary tales are everywhere — from the one-hit wonder Wall Street fund manager who delivers one knockout year and then flames out, to the Silicon Valley rising star who builds a killer app and is never heard from again. Those of us who have achieved success at a young age should be terrified by these examples. I’m driven every morning to build a company that creates jobs, wealth and economic opportunity not just for years, but for generations. I can’t imagine how to do that except for being a student of history.

I’ve never liked the old saying that those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. To me, history is a goldmine of proven ideas just waiting to be uncovered. It may just be that the “Next Big Thing” happened long ago.

Nate Paul is President, CEO & Founder of World Class Capital Group, a leading national commercial real estate investment group.

This article was previously published on The Huffington Post.


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